Remember these tips when you arrive at your destination hotel:

* Leave your luggage in the bathroom until you have inspected the room.

* Check mattress seams, cracks, behind headboards and behind artwork for any sign of bed bugs or their skins.

* Keep your bags on the luggage rack, not on the floor.

And when you get home:

* Wash everything in your suitcase and dry it on a high temperature to kill any pests that may have hitched a ride home

If you discover that a bed bug has come home with you, don’t panic!  But equally, don’t try to handle this as a DIY project.  The best way to eliminate bed bugs from a building is by using high heat treatment.  In California, Alliance Environmental Group offers ThermaPureHeat, which eradicates all eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs in one treatment, without dangerous chemicals, having to bag food, launder linens or move out for days on end.  If you have a bed bug problem in an area, a room or an entire structure, please contact us!  We have offices all over California, including our newest office in Anaheim,  to serve you!

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