In this video, Jeffry talks about the three most common ways of treating bed bugs:

Structural Heat—Raising interior temperatures high enough to kill all insect life
Fumigation—Tenting an entire building and fogging it with chemicals
Traditional Treatment—Using pesticides to spray infested areas in a building

He finds all of these to be okay solutions, but finds one method to be the one he would use in his own home, but I won’t spoil it for you!

Jeffry definitely lays out the pros and cons of each method but I would like to highlight some that he doesn’t go into:


Complete fumigation of a structure can definitely be effective in killing insects and is usually used for termites.  However, the cost of fumigation has to include the money you spend moving out of your house for days, cleaning all of the textiles and surfaces of your home after the treatment is over and the time and trouble of not being able to return to the home quickly.

Traditional Pesticide Treatment

The biggest con, which Jeffry mentions in passing, is the need for return visits from your pest control professional.  Not only can it take more than a month to eradicate the pests, there is no certainty that some eggs have been missed in cracks and crevices and could reinfest your home.

The Pros of Heat Treatment

Fully effective in one treatment
No need to move out
No need to wash surfaces, clothing and other textiles
No need to bag food
No dangerous chemicals

We agree with Jeffry White that structural heat is the very best way to eradicate bed bugs!  If you agree and need to get rid of a bed bug infestation anywhere in California, contact Alliance Environmental Group!  We are ready to help!

And Happy Monday!

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