We finish off Lead Poisoning Prevention Week with a video from 7News in Denver, Colorado:

It’s difficult to know whether your child has been exposed to lead. In fact, you cannot tell without a blood test whether you are dealing with lead. Most pediatricians order blood tests for lead at checkups, but no one likes having to take their child for a blood draw, so some people often neglect this testing.

We agree with the expert in this interview that any child living in a pre-1978 home should be tested at an early age. In Denver, they are offered free blood screenings on Wednesday of this week. And remember, it’s not just infants and toddlers eating paint chips that is a risk. Lead dust can be released into the air when opening doors and windows and that lead dust can be inhaled or ingested.

Lead is a serious health and developmental problem all over the world. Don’t let your house be part of the problem. And if you are planning to renovate your pre-1978 home, be sure to use lead-certified contractors or have any lead-based paint removed by a professional lead paint removal company like Alliance Environmental Group. If lead paint is disturbed unsafely or inadvertently, it becomes a danger to you and your family. Don’t take chances with lead!

We have enjoyed sharing information about lead poisoning this week with and learning from our many friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. If you had ave learned anything new about lead poisoning this week, please tell us about it!

Have a wonderful and lead-free weekend!