This short and informative video gives us the rundown on the top 5 cities for bed bug calls as well as confirmed infestations:

If you live in one of these cities and find that bedbugs have followed you home, don’t panic, call a professional! If you have bed bugs in the #8 city on the list, San Francisco, Alliance can help you get rid of those pesky pests quickly and safely with ThermaPureHeat. We raise interior temperatures over 130 degrees to kill bed bugs at all stages of development, leaving no eggs to hatch and reinfest later and no pesticide or chemical residue to affect you and your family’s health.

Los Angeles and San Diego didn’t make the list this year, but that doesn’t mean there are no bed bugs. You never know what might hitch a ride with you from an infested hotel on a business trip or in the luggage of a houseguest. Don’t worry, we can take care of it! Contact Alliance for help!

All of us wish all of you an incredible official first weekend of summer!

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