Molds produce allergens and other toxins.  People who are sensitive to mold can experience:

* sneezing
* runny nose
* coughing
* wheezing
* tearing and redness of the eyes
* skin irritation or rash
* asthma attacks
* fever
* difficulty breathing
* infections of the lungs

People’s sensitivity varies as does the toxicity of different types of mold.

It looks like the company charged with renovating and maintaining these properties for our military families has not taken the danger of mold seriously and has concentrated on cosmetic solutions, rather than proper remediation.

We recommend ThermaPureHeat treatment for mold infestations.  Heat reaches into all areas of a home, including into wood and inside walls, places no other treatment can reach. Of course, other repairs are also necessary since, where there is water, there is mold.  But it is extremely important to make sure that all mold is killed before doing painting or other cosmetic repairs.

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