Every home has mold on occasion, but if you see it, there’s more you can’t see. Never clean mold with bleach—it just makes it look like it’s not there. And you can’t really get rid of it unless you get rid of the moisture that is necessary for it to stay alive. Be sure to repair leaks quickly, remove or dry damp and damaged areas and materials and take mold seriously. Left unabated, mold can become a toxin to you and your family.

ThermaPureHeat treatment is an effective way to deal with an out-of-control mold situation in any structure. The high temperatures permeate every surface, getting deep into the wood itself and treating inside walls and ceilings where the only other alternative is to rip it out and start over.

Alliance Environmental Group is happy to offer ThermaPureHeat for mold remediation, as well as inspection and containment and removal of wet materials in California. Contact us if you need help getting rid of toxic mold!

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