This information comes to us courtesy of our Director of Client Relations, Bill Wood:

1. Under California law, can we use the EPA approved lead test kits? 

No, those test kits are not recognized by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal-OSHA).

2. When renovating a pre-1978 home, must we either hire a State-certified lead inspector, or assume that lead is in the paint and follow the EPA’s safe work practices?

Yes, those are your two options.

3. Do we have to hire a State-certified lead inspector for the clearance or can we follow the EPA’s rule and use a certified renovator?

If you have to perform a lead abatement, then a third-party clearance test is required. If you are doing a repair or renovation, it may not be required, but the rules are even unclear to us!  Plan to err on the side of caution!

UPDATE: We just received word from one of our amazing consultants that in California, only State-certified inspectors can conduct the required clearance testing, but clearance is only required after abatement or on projects involving child poisoning.  Repair and renovation work in California only requires a self-verification, except in San Diego, where it is required based on the specific paint.

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