There are several precautions that one should take when one is working with asbestos. The number one precaution is wearing the right clothing and equipment when working with asbestos. Using Personal Protective Equipment will significantly protect you from any asbestos exposure. Protecting yourself when working with asbestos is essential in protecting your health. While reading some daily news, I came across on news from a different country in Europe, where an asbestos “specialist” was fined because three men who were under his supervision were spotted not wearing the correct equipment when working with asbestos. In fact, the three men were wearing their own clothes, laced up boots where asbestos fibers can stick to the laces and they were not wearing the right face masks. It is something not acceptable and no one working with asbestos should ever be in those conditions. They could have taken any of the asbestos fibers and expose it to their families. Very very dangerous. Below is an example of what a worker can wear when working with asbestos:

A Respirator Mask: A respirators will help purify/filter the air you are breathing.The most common respirator is half face. When using these it is advised to use safety googles and the correct eyewear.

Disposable Coveralls: Disposable clothing or better correct terms, Disposable Coveralls is essential in protecting your body from any asbestos debris. These type of coveralls will allow you to not worry about having your clothes be exposed to any asbestos fibers. Once you are done working and handling asbestos, you can easily dispose the coveralls and dispose them in a designated waste bag.

Rubber Boots: Just like in the article, not wearing rubber boots can make asbestos fibers get stuck in the laces. Boots will also help your feet be protected from any other debris found in the area you work in.

Disposable gloves: Gloves will reduce the amount of asbestos on your hands. Just like the coveralls, the gloves can be disposed as well in the designated waste bag.

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