I am very honored to say that in January 2009 three of our top executives Jeff McLean (CFO), Bill Wood (Executive Director of Client Relations) and Tim Tilley (Branch Manager) volunteered their time and effort to an organization called Free Wheel Chair Mission.

Free Wheel Chair Mission is a non-profit organization that manufactures and distributes wheel chairs to people around the world who would otherwise go without the ability of mobilization. The average cost to manufacture and ship one wheel chair comes with a very modest cost of $52.00. The distribution chain is funded through donations from individuals, foundations and grants.

Bill, Jeff and Tim traveled to Peru to help distribute these wheel chairs to those in need. Each held a specific job that they were in charge of. Bill was designated to be the mechanic, Jeff and Tim were the photographers that provided Polaroid pictures to each individual who received a wheelchair. This experience was a life altering experience for each individual that participated and we hope that the Alliance community can continue on with our efforts to give back and make a difference.

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