Workers in protective gear taking inventory

Total Loss Inventory

Contents (Total Loss Inventory) being performed by professionals

From Chaos to Clarity: Restoring Peace of Mind

When a home is damaged or destroyed due to a fire event, water loss, or asbestos contamination it can be overwhelming to try and inventory all of the contents that were lost. Creating a detailed inventory of contents is an important first step in the process of recovery but requires personnel that are specifically trained and certified to work in hazardous environments. This is where Alliance Environmental comes in. Our team of experts adhere to stringent setup, decontamination and disposal procedures in line with all OSHA, EPA, Department of Transportation and county-specific air quality district rules and regulations.

Expert Insights into Contents and Total Loss

Join Alexis Rivas, our Contents Director, in an insightful video as she explores the vital service of Contents and Total Loss Inventory offered by Alliance Environmental. In the face of property disasters, our team provides not just recovery but reassurance. Alexis discusses how they meticulously catalog and assess your items, acknowledging the sentimental and material value of each piece. This video highlights our commitment to helping you recover what’s precious, manage what’s lost, and support you through the journey of reclaiming your space. Watch now for an in-depth understanding of how Alliance Environmental combines expertise with empathy in every task.

Workers in protective gear taking inventory

What is the Total Loss Inventory of Contents?

A total loss inventory of contents is a comprehensive list of all the items that were in a home at the time of a loss, including everything from furniture and appliances to clothing and personal belongings. This inventory is important for insurance purposes, as it helps to determine the value of the items that were lost and the amount of compensation that is owed.

Alliance Environmental has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are skilled in conducting total loss inventory of contents, particularly in cases of asbestos contamination. We have the certification and expertise to accurately and efficiently inventory all of the contents of a home, no matter the size or complexity.

Our team works closely with homeowners and insurance adjusters to ensure that every item is properly accounted for and valued. We use a variety of techniques and tools to accurately inventory the contents of a home, including digital photographs, detailed descriptions, and barcode scanning.

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With Alliance Environmental on your side, you can rest assured that your home’s inventory of contents will be thorough and accurate, even in the event of asbestos contamination. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.