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What Does Demolition Entail?

Demolition and deconstruction are two completely different things. Deconstruction just means destroying something. By contrast, our complete demolition services refer to more than just knocking down a building. Demolition has to be done safely so that it won’t harm other structures nearby or damage anything else. It also includes a comprehensive debris removal and disposal.

Alliance Environmental is a leading provider of soft demolition services that can help you achieve your environmental goals while minimizing the impact on your budget. Our team of experts is highly skilled in dismantling, deconstructing, and removing all types of structures, including commercial buildings, residential properties, and industrial facilities.

We often rescue or protect things that can be reused during demolition. Our team can give them a new life and purpose in a new setting. Demolition is frequently required after hazardous material such as lead or asbestos has been disturbed. We can address the issue safely. Alliance is a licensed demolition contractor with a commitment to safety. We have our equipment serviced on a regular basis & inspect it before & after every project.

Interior Demolition

Interior demolition takes place inside and includes demolishing walls, removing carpet and ceiling tile, getting rid of insulation and more. We work carefully, capping the plumbing and electrical beforehand and removing or wrapping appliances and furniture.

Interior demolition may also be called soft demolition. It involves demolishing things that don’t play a vital role in the building. For example, critical components include load-bearing beams and floors. Instead, everything knocked down during soft demolition can be replaced or reworked fairly easily.

Soft demolition involves the careful and systematic dismantling of a building or structure, often by hand, with the goal of preserving as much of the material as possible for reuse or recycling. The process typically involves the removal of non-load-bearing walls, floors, ceilings, and other components, leaving the structural elements intact for reuse in future construction projects.

Types of Demolition

At Alliance Environmental, we are committed to providing our clients with safe, efficient, and cost-effective soft demolition services. Our team of experts is trained to perform soft demolition on a wide range of structures, from small residential properties to large commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Interior Demolition: We specialize in removing non-structural elements from buildings, such as drywall, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Selective Demolition: We work closely with our clients to identify which parts of a building or structure can be salvaged for reuse, recycling, or donation.
  • Recycling and Salvage: We work to minimize waste and maximize the recovery of valuable materials, including wood, metal, and concrete.

What Our Client Are Saying

This company did a pretty good job. They had to demo my bathroom which included removing vanity, toilet, cabinet, shower, tile and sheet rock and asbestos abatement. The only mistake they made was putting my toilet in the garage when it still had some water in it. It leaked over the floor. However, when I brought it to their attention they owned up to it and apologized. That’s the proper way a mistake should be handled. I feel I can work with them again. I was able to get in touch with the lead when I needed to. I recommend them.

Fuzul K.

Concord, CA

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Benefits of Soft Demolition

Soft demolition offers a range of benefits over traditional demolition methods, including:

  • Environmental Sustainability: Soft demolition is a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to building demolition that reduces waste and minimizes environmental impact.
  • Cost Savings: By salvaging reusable materials and minimizing waste, soft demolition can be more cost-effective than traditional demolition methods.
  • Safety: Soft demolition is typically less disruptive and hazardous than traditional demolition methods, making it a safer option for workers and nearby communities.
  • Compliance: Soft demolition can help ensure compliance with environmental regulations and sustainability goals.

Our Site Clearing Services

Alliance Environmental’s crews specialize in safe site clearing and lawful disposal. Our site clearing services will give you a clean slate so you can move to your project’s next phase. We’ll remove debris, vegetation and contaminants and take them to a legal depository location.

Some processes are too complicated or dangerous to handle on your own. Work with the site clearing contractors at Alliance Environmental for peace of mind.

When a structure suffers too much damage or is unstable and needs to come down, you’ll need to safely remove debris from the premises. At Alliance Alternative, we offer quick and reliable site clearing services for project managers and landowners along the west coast. Whether you’re tearing down an old building to construct something new, removing an old pool in favor of a beautiful lawn or recouping from a natural disaster, our team of professionals is available to help keep you on schedule.

Our experts will check the land for asbestos and lead and perform abatement services if necessary. Then we’ll uncover and remove other hazardous substances before gathering salvageable materials like insulation furnishing, lighting or copper wire. We finish by disposing of or recycling materials according to local and state ordinances and clearing the rest of the site with heavy machinery.

You can count on Alliance Environmental for any small-scale residential cleanup project or massive demolition project. Call our experts to remove and dispose of materials from:

  • Fires and natural disasters
  • Sidewalks demolitions
  • Swimming pools demolitions
  • Complete structure demolitions
  • Land conversion

Why Turn to Alliance Environmental for Demolition & Site Clearing Services?

Alliance Environmental offers demolition and site clearing services to address all your needs. We serve as residential and commercial demolition contractors, working to clear away parts of your home or business. Our team has assisted many people in your position, and we understand exactly what needs to be done for a successful demolition.

We follow guidelines set out by the National Demolition Association (NDA). The NDA offers training and tools to assist with making demolition safer and smarter. We stay on the cusp of new technology and changes in regulations related to demolition. We adhere to the philosophy that safety starts at the planning stage, and we remain vigilant throughout demolition.

Alliance Environmental has the experience you desire for your upcoming job. We have more than 25 years in the business, during which we have completed over 200,000 jobs successfully, including demolition and other environmental and remediation projects. With that experience comes knowledge of how to do the job right. You enjoy many benefits when you work with us, including:

  • Brand recognition: We are known throughout the industry for our expertise in demolition.
  • An outstanding management and leadership team: Our management’s guidance helps us make the right decisions for our clients in any situation.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment: We have made a capital investment in innovative equipment to ensure we get your job done correctly and quickly.
  • Efficiency: Our experience, equipment and proximity allow us to work fast so you can keep your project moving.

Our broad reach throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Arizona includes 15 locations. We can come to you to get your job done efficiently and effectively, allowing you to move on with your renovation project or new build. When you work with Alliance Environmental, you receive outstanding service. Contact us today to request a quote on your demolition project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional demolition typically involves the complete demolition of a building or structure, while soft demolition is a more targeted approach that involves the removal of specific components or areas of a building or site. Soft demolition is often used when there is a need to preserve certain parts of a building or site, such as historic or architectural features.

Soft demolition can be used for many types of buildings or structures, including commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. It is particularly useful for buildings with historic or architectural value, where the preservation of certain features is desired.

One potential challenge of soft demolition is that it can take longer to complete than traditional demolition, particularly if the process is being done manually. Additionally, it can be more difficult to estimate the cost of soft demolition since it is often customized to fit the needs of each individual project.

Yes, permits are typically required for any type of demolition or site clearing project. The specific requirements vary depending on the location and type of project, so it is important to consult with local authorities and obtain all necessary permits before beginning any work.





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