Workers wearing protective gear while they strip the flooring

Asbestos Abatement
& Demolition

Professional Asbestos Removal Services: Protecting Your Business & Employees

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that was widely used in construction materials for many years due to its durability and heat resistance. However, it has since been determined that exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to serious health risks, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Asbestos-containing materials can still be found in many buildings, particularly those constructed prior to 1980. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a licensed and experienced asbestos abatement and demolition company to remove these hazardous materials safely.

Alliance Environmental is a licensed asbestos abatement contractor that takes pride in adhering to strict setup, decontamination, and disposal procedures that meet or exceed all relevant rules and regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), EPA, Department of Transportation, and county-specific air quality district authorities. Our highly trained and experienced crews employ the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that all asbestos abatement and demolition projects are carried out safely and effectively. We understand the serious health hazards associated with asbestos exposure, and that’s why we make it our top priority to ensure the protection of our clients, employees, and the environment during every phase of the process. We offer comprehensive asbestos abatement and demolition services to ensure the safety and compliance of your building. Our expert teams are trained and equipped to handle any size project, whether it’s a small or large project.

Understanding Abatement & Remediation

In this informative video, Ruben Rivas, our environmental specialist, provides an overview of abatement and remediation in the context of environmental cleanups. Rivas explains that abatement refers to the process of removing or reducing health hazards, such as asbestos or lead, from a building or environment. Remediation, on the other hand, involves the process of cleaning mold. Rivas emphasizes the importance of proper abatement and remediation techniques to protect human health and the environment. At Alliance Environmental, we prioritize safe and effective abatement and remediation practices to ensure the health and safety of our clients and their communities.

Workers wearing protective gear while they strip the flooring

Asbestos Abatement Services

  • Inspection and Testing: Our asbestos inspectors will perform a thorough survey of your building to identify possible asbestos-containing materials. If asbestos is suspected, we will contact our trusted testing partners for sample analysis to confirm contamination.
  • Containment: We will create a sealed containment area around the affected area to prevent asbestos fibers from spreading.
  • Removal: Using specialized equipment and techniques, we will safely remove the asbestos-containing materials and dispose of them according to all relevant regulations.
  • Decontamination: Our crews will ensure that all equipment and personnel are properly decontaminated before leaving the worksite.

Demolition Services

  • Planning and Preparation: We will work closely with you to develop a demolition plan that meets your needs and adheres to all regulations.
  • Containment: Our team will isolate the contaminated area to contain the asbestos before beginning any work.
  • Demolition: Using state-of-the-art equipment, we will safely and efficiently remove any hazardous materials contaminated by asbestos.
  • Cleanup and Recycling: Our crews will clean up and remove all debris, and recycle any salvageable materials.

If you suspect that your building may contain asbestos, don’t hesitate to contact Alliance Environmental for professional and reliable asbestos abatement and demolition services. Our team is here to provide you with the solutions you need to ensure the safety and compliance of your property.

What Our Clients Are Saying

From the very first email, Ryan was warm, professional, & communicative.  This kind of customer service was super important, as scheduling cleanup needed to inconvenience 18 resident families as little as possible.  Ryan completely understood this, visited the site multiple times (alone & with his crew) to plan, & coordinated the timing of the job perfectly.  A job that could have displaced the whole building for multiple nights ended up only requiring the building to be empty for one 9am-5pm period of time.

Lucy Y.

Los Angeles, CA

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Professionals Removing Asbestos

Benefits of Professional Asbestos Removal

Hiring a professional asbestos abatement company is in the best interest of your health and safety. Work with a certified asbestos removal company to:

  • Preserve your health: Removing asbestos comes with a risk of exposure, but professionals have the right protective equipment to mitigate it.
  • Protect your building: Professionals have the tools to remove asbestos without damaging your property.
  • Protect the environment: Proper removal and disposal will prevent the disbursement of asbestos fibers and air pollution from contaminating the surrounding area.
  • Avoid violations: State and federal laws regulate asbestos removal in commercial settings, so trust a company that knows how to comply.

We’re Here to Help

Our team provides full project management plans, builds a containment area under negative air pressure and uses proper engineering controls to stay in regulation with all OSHA, federal and state requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral composed of soft and flexible fibers that are resistant to heat, electricity and corrosion. These qualities make the mineral useful, but they also make asbestos exposure highly toxic.

Asbestos is an effective insulator, and it can be used in cloth, paper, cement, plastic and other materials to make them stronger. But when asbestos dust is inhaled or ingested, mineral fibers can become permanently trapped in the body.

Alliance Environmental is a licensed asbestos abatement company.

Asbestos removal is the process of safely removing asbestos from a building and disposing of it. Ingesting or inhaling asbestos is dangerous, so following specific procedures for abatement and disposal is critical to the health and safety of those inhabiting your building and the surrounding environment.

Asbestos removal involves four stages:

  • Planning: Determining which areas need treatment, how treatment and cleanup will proceed and where the abatement professionals will take the asbestos.
  • Site preparation: Sealing air ducts, disabling HVAC systems, covering surfaces with plastic sheets and depressurizing the air to prevent asbestos fibers from spreading.
  • Removal: Implementing wet methods and specialized tools to remove asbestos and place it into disposal bags.
  • Cleanup: High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuuming of any remaining asbestos, removing site preparation materials, inspecting and sampling interior air, reporting results and taking the asbestos to a safe depository.

While stable, undisturbed asbestos poses little danger, it can have detrimental health effects if dislodged.

Asbestos comprises minuscule fibers that kick up like dust without proper abatement techniques. The dust is small enough to inhale or ingest. If asbestos fibers enter the lungs, the body is incapable of breaking them down. The fibers can become permanently lodged within bodily tissue and lead to conditions like mesothelioma, asbestosis or lung cancer.

Agitating asbestos fibers can become dangerous quickly, so it’s critical to use the personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools that professional abatement companies have at their disposal.

Determining whether or not your building contains asbestos often requires a professional examination. Asbestos occurs naturally in the rocks and soils once used to construct insulation, linoleum, ductwork, drywall and other building features.

Buildings constructed after 1978 are less likely to use materials containing asbestos, although builders used it until its production ceased in 1987. If you believe your commercial building may contain asbestos, pursue a professional inspection prior to removing insulation material and other old build materials.

When it comes to asbestos removal, safety is the number one priority. Asbestos exposure can cause immense damage to your long-term health, so it’s almost always necessary to seek professional abatement assistance. Alliance Environmental has the resources for safe asbestos abatement. Our asbestos professionals wear PPE that prevents asbestos fibers from affecting their eyes, ears and lungs. We also follow safe disposal procedures that protect your building and the environment.

In addition to safety, there are also precise regulations to follow when removing asbestos. States independently determine regulations for removal and disposal. Our professional crews will comply with all relevant regulations in your area.

Asbestos abatement takes a few days depending on the size of the project. Most commercial projects take between one and five days.

During the first day, the abatement team handles all containment and site preparation work. The asbestos removal procedures occur over the next few days. Removing asbestos from residential and smaller commercial buildings typically takes a day or two, and clearing larger commercial facilities often takes three days or more. Cleanup and teardown often occur on the last day of asbestos removal if the monitor grants permission.

If you’ve experienced asbestos exposure, the first indicators will be symptoms of associated diseases. Asbestos most often affects the lungs, so you may notice symptoms like shortness of breath, dry coughing or wheezing, chest pain or other respiratory complications. In some cases, asbestos will impact the throat, stomach or colon, so symptoms like abdominal swelling, difficulty swallowing, bowel obstruction or loss of appetite may occur.

Asbestos-related diseases are usually discreet in their early stages, so preemptive screening is advisable if you have a history of exposure.

Symptoms of asbestos exposure take time to present, so there aren’t short-term side effects. Even inhaling high amounts of asbestos fails to produce immediate symptoms. The adverse health effects of asbestos are long-term, often taking years or decades to develop. In most cases, the first symptoms to appear are those related to lung conditions, such as shortness of breath or chest pain. Speak with your doctor if you believe you’ve experienced asbestos exposure.

Asbestos exposure has long-term health effects that usually take time to develop and present themselves. Over time, asbestos exposure can result in asbestosis and pleural plaques.

Asbestosis occurs 10 to 40 years after exposure and includes symptoms like shortness of breath, dry coughing, chest pain and clubbing toes or fingertips.

Pleural plaques are accumulations of collagen fibers in the lungs that appear 10 to 30 years after asbestos exposure. Symptoms of pleural plaques are few, but they indicate an increased risk of lung cancer.

All asbestos-related diseases can eventually manifest as lung cancer, mesothelioma, laryngeal cancer or ovarian cancer.

Contact Alliance Environmental

The professionals at Alliance Environmental are available to plan and execute an asbestos abatement strategy that makes your building a safer place to live or work. With 15 offices around the West Coast, we can dispatch our experienced removal crews to your building in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon or Washington. Our experts can help you determine if asbestos removal is necessary at your property, so get in touch for more on our abatement practices or to request service.