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Biohazard Remediation
& Decontamination

Expert Biohazard Cleanup: Compassionate, Discreet & Compliant Services

Alliance Environmental’s team of experts are highly trained and equipped to safely and efficiently clean and remove biohazardous substances while approaching each job with compassion and discretion. Our technicians strictly adhere to OSHA and other health regulations when disposing of hazardous materials and work closely with law enforcement, health officials, animal control agencies, and other relevant authorities to eliminate any health risks from biohazard situations. Additionally, we have a Trauma Scene Practitioners License as required by law and are certified with the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA). At Alliance Environmental, we are committed to providing the highest quality of services to navigate these sensitive situations safely and efficiently, so you can have peace of mind.

Biohazard Cleaning Services

  • Crime Scene Decontamination

    Crime scene cleanup involves the challenging and emotionally draining task of cleaning and disinfecting an area where a violent crime, such as murder or assault, has occurred. Our expert handlers ensure that the area is free from all biohazardous materials, such as blood and bodily fluids, and restored to a safe and habitable condition.

  • Suicide Decontamination

    Suicide cleanup requires a high level of sensitivity and empathy. Our cleanup team is trained to handle each situation with great care and respect to help ease the trauma experienced by the bereaved family and friends.

  • Animal Waste Decontamination

    Animal waste cleanup requires a high level of skill and expertise to safely remove and dispose of biohazardous waste such as animal carcasses, feces and urine. Our trained technicians use specialized equipment and follow strict safety protocols when handling these situations.

  • Drug Lab Decontamination

    Drug lab cleanup is a complex and dangerous task, which can leave behind harmful chemicals and other biohazardous materials including needles and flasks. Our team adheres to rigorous safety protocols to prevent any accidents or illnesses from occurring.

  • Unattended Death Decontamination

    Unattended death cleanup is a daunting and difficult task as it involves cleaning and decontaminating a space where a person has passed away and remained undiscovered for an extended period of time. Our technicians pay careful attention when removing biohazardous and medical waste to ensure the safety of others from potential harm.

  • Infectious Disease Decontamination

    Infectious disease cleanup involves cleaning and disinfecting a space that has been exposed to infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, tuberculosis, or MRSA. This task requires specialized equipment and expertise.

  • Sewage Decontamination

    Sewage cleanup involves cleaning and decontaminating an area that has been exposed to sewage or wastewater, which can contain harmful bacteria and viruses. Categories 2 and 3 of contaminated water can be especially harmful and require specialized equipment and knowledge.

  • Hoarding Decontamination

    Hoarding cleanup is a challenging and hazardous task that involves removing large amounts of accumulated clutter and waste, including hazardous materials, on your property. Our hoarding cleanup services involve the safe and efficient removal of these materials to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants.

What Our Clients Are Saying

When dealing with a traumatic experience, it’s important to feel safe with people, with your private life. The moment I called, it was very pleasant, easy, and I knew they would take care of us. The fact that I could be emotional while trying to navigate this horrible time made me feel so good. Thank you guys for what you do. Your hard work and the bed side manner you have helps more than you know. So much love and thanks.

Rosie B.

San Luis Obispo

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Commercial Biohazard Remediation & Decontamination

Alliance Environmental offers a transparent process that leads to lasting results. We’ll provide a free quote and project plans explaining our services beforehand and documentation of our work when we finish the job. Our biohazard remediation and decontamination consist of a few steps:

  1. Site assessment
  2. Plan development
  3. Hazard and waste removal
  4. Site decontamination and deodorizing
  5. Hazard and waste disposal

Why Should You Trust Biohazard Remediation & Decontamination to a Professional?

Biohazard remediation and decontamination demand a high level of expertise, specialized skills, empathy, and equipment. As a professional environmental remediation company with decades of experience, Alliance Environmental implements tactics and technology that ensure proper remediation. Working with trained technicians is the best choice for your business for the following reasons:

  • Specialization: We possess the unique tools, resources, and skills needed to remediate and remove all hazardous materials and return your building to a safe state.
  • Results: The professional tools and diligent procedures we employ remove all hazards and prevent them from returning. A professional organization will do more than cover the symptoms—we will provide a lasting solution.
  • Speed: Our professionals work efficiently, providing rapid results. Your business will resume normal operations sooner by hiring our experts.
  • Safety: After we remove all hazards and decontaminate the area, you can trust that your facility will be safe for all occupants.
  • Compliance: We follow EPA-compliant procedures and ensure the space meets all relevant Occupational Safety and Health Association standards upon the project’s completion.

Our Other Environmental Services

Biohazard Remediation & Decontamination FAQs

Traumatic and other life events—such as crime scenes, unattended deaths, or hoarding—that require biohazardous contamination are often complex and challenging situations that must have specialized knowledge, skills, empathy, and equipment to ensure the safety and health of those involved. These difficult conditions usually need remediation and decontamination of hazardous materials and surfaces in addition to proper disposal of medical waste. This process is to ensure your property is restored to its pre-event condition. In addition, it is important to follow regulatory protocol when removing the contaminated materials and waste from your building to an appropriate disposal location. At Alliance Environmental, we comply with all relevant regulations to ensure the lawful disposal of hazardous materials.

The presence of contaminated materials and waste poses numerous problems for your business. Removing all contaminants and hazards in a timely manner is critical. Work with Alliance Environmental to avoid issues like:

  • Interruptions to business: Hazardous materials and waste can damage equipment and structures while compromising the working environment. Schedule remediation and removal to get back to business quickly.
  • Occupant health and safety incidents: Environmental hazards compromise the health and safety of any employee, customer or visitor in the building. Decontaminate areas and remove all hazards to protect those in your facility.
  • Regulatory violations: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes clear standards for the removal of hazardous waste and materials. Failure to comply may result in a penalty.

Call us immediately after a spill, leak or accident.

Project times vary with size. We can complete smaller jobs in a day, but larger jobs may take multiple days.

The cost depends on the type of incident, the materials or substances involved, and the extent of the exposure. We provide a free quote prior to service.

Some insurance companies do, so check with your policy provider.

Alliance Environmental is the Best Company for Biohazard Remediation and Decontamination

Alliance Environmental is ready to assess your situation and provide the appropriate response. Please request a quote to begin scheduling biohazard remediation and decontamination services. We are uniquely qualified to provide biohazard remediation and decontamination services in commercial settings because we have over 25 years of experience and have more than the necessary certifications, including ABRA.