Alliance Environmental Group, the most experienced environmental remediation company in the Western States, has embarked on a new chapter. Over the years, the company has redefined the environmental restoration and remediation services landscape through its leadership and excellence in customer service as well as employee satisfaction.

The company’s new corporate headquarters has moved to 777 North Georgia Avenue, Asuza, CA, 91702. This is especially significant as this year commemorates 25 years that Alliance Environmental has been in business. “Alliance Environmental Group, has always strived to exceed our client’s expectations and we have a talented pool of corporate professionals that allows us to achieve our goals and objectives. We have increased our hiring of head office employees and believe that our new location will allow us to continue to serve the local needs and requirements of the City of Azusa and surrounding areas” stated Joseph Mclean, the chief executive officer of Alliance Environmental Group.

The new location will continue to offer the various services such as Asbestos abatement, Lead paint and mold removal, demolition and site clearing, Bed bug and pest eradication through heat treatment, structural pasteurization, Biohazard and trauma cleanup, Air duct cleaning, Kitchen hood exhaust and dryer vent cleaning, Infection control and Fire barrier prevention.


In the recent past around this time of the year there has been a stronger occurrence of wildfires across parts of California. The excessive heat and dry conditions combined with gusting winds has resulted in several fires that have ravaged our beloved land and destroyed properties. Alliance Environmental
Group are restoration experts and have successfully deployed teams that are highly skilled and trained to handle whatever damage that may arise due to the advent of these catastrophes. Property owners and managers need to ensure preventative measures are enforced and that a contingency plan is in place. Our Alliance crew members have successfully completed over a 120,000 remediation jobs.

Here are a few tips below on how to Create a Safe Zone and Protect your property From Wildfires:

  • Debris and Leaves: Remove and clear dead vegetation as well as dying trees and shrubs
  • Flammable Materials and Liquids: Store flammable liquids in approved storage containers. Propane tanks and firewood stacks should be at least 30 feet away from the property
  • Roof Gutters and Lawn: Remove debris and particles gathered in roof gutters. Always keep lawns hydrated, dry and barren grass stimulates fire occurrence. Cut and trim grass to prevent fire buildup
  • Monitor Debris Accumulation: Confine or box areas that are exposed with wildfire mesh to prevent flammable materials from gathering


Indoor Air Quality has always been an important concern however this has been brought to the fore even more so because of the Covid-19 epidemic. How facilities used to operate as opposed to what new processes need to be followed has undergone a major transformation.

Schools are places with large gatherings where learners are exposed to contaminants that may be transmitted through passages via an HVAC system. According to new reports from the Government accountability office, “more than 40 percent of school districts that need to update or replace HVAC systems in at least one-half of their schools – an estimated 36,000 schools nationwide – that if left unaddressed could lead to indoor air quality problems and mold.”

As schools consider reopening soon, these facilities will need to have their ducts and vents cleaned. AirTek Indoor Air Solutions is a trusted name in the HVAC cleaning and maintenance industry and has the experience to minimize the danger and risk of harmful contaminants that could affect the environments for students and staff alike. The future of our country lies in the new generation and ensuring a safer, better, cleaner more air quality is one step in the right direction to allow our learners to succeed.


The month of June marks national safety month. Now more than ever, we as a country are facing challenging times. During this trying and arduous period, it is essential for employers and companies to adhere to regulatory compliance in the workplace. 

We at Alliance Environmental Group, believe that safety is our number one priority to all of customers. However, worker safety is equally as important for us and we treat this with the utmost care and consideration. Policies and procedures have needed to change and be consistent with CDC guidelines. 

Depending on the nature of the service that our team members are involved in such as removing asbestos from fire damaged structures,  professionally disinfecting and decontaminating site with a confirmed case of Covid-19 or assisting with trauma or crime scene cleanup that may have a resulted from looting and damage to property, we always abide by stringent rules and regulations ensuring best practices are implemented.

Alliance Environmental have once more been at the forefront of leading the pack and was recently featured in a prominent article in Industrial Hygiene at the Workplace magazine.


Mintie, LLC is a global leader of Indoor Environmental Solutions and has been so for over 80 years. This statement could not be more apt as in the case with the Mintie, ECU4, which was recently featured in the official magazine of the American Society of HealthCare Engineering. 

The publication is a leading source for industry news and events and is regarded as an important source to health care facility specialists. The ECU4 mobile containment was showcased in the publication and provided an insight into the application and use of the ECU4 and the benefit that this equipment provides with respect to infection control.



“I contacted Alliance Environmental Group to help with Asbestos Abatement in my kitchen. I worked with Raul who was very professional, very knowledgeable and very courteous. He went out of his way to help me with a situation that had come up and I really appreciated his timely attempt to come to my aid. Raul came to the appointment on time and was done quickly because of his experience. I would highly recommend this company for your environmental needs.”