Prior to Demolition – There Maybe a Need for an Asbestos Inspection

Demolition maybe required for older buildings., especially those that may contain asbestos on the inside. As a prerequisite, inspectors examine demolition sites to determine if the sites are compliant with standards.

Inspectors will inspect the job site to determine if it is safe. They are likely to review documents and collect any documentation or evidence and even potentially conduct an asbestos survey.

If asbestos is found in any building, it is essential that all asbestos fibers and debris is removed by a professional abatement company.

Alliance Environmental is a fully state licensed based demolition contractor that is capable of handling most structural demolition projects. Our dedicated demolition team offer services from heavy demolition, hard demolition, soft demolition and site clearing. Our highly qualified and experienced team are OSHA certified and modern, sophisticated demolition equipment. The team are also extremely proficient and competent in LEED requirements.


Professional Infection Control for Your Business or Property

Over the last couple of weeks there has been a major spike in Covid-19 cases across the US. We are finding out more developments on this dreaded virus and how the transmission is continuing to spread.

A virus of this nature is highly infectious and has the ability to spread extremely quickly especially in closed and confined indoor facilities and establishments.

A major concern is what reassurance and confidence do customers and employees have when they are at a business facility or premises. As much as we as a society need to follow the CDC guidelines by washing our hands regularly for at least 20 seconds, wearing a mask or facial coverings, keeping at least six feet apart and practicing social distancing, the Covid-19 droplets linger in the air for at least three hours and are spread by contact on surfaces.

A professional, licensed biohazard services company should be contacted to complete a proper onsite cleaning and sanitizing using disinfectant. The decontamination of a site cannot just be completed by any cleaning company but should be by a company that are experts in this field. Contact our disinfection services division for a quote.

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Dryer Duct Cleaning – Is Important and Necessary For Every Household

Many people do not realize the risks of improper dryer duct maintenance, and these can have severe consequences. Dryer duct cleaning helps prevent costly issues, such as fires, broken equipment, inefficient machine cycles, and more. Let’s dive into some of the things that make dryer duct cleaning so critical for homeowners.

Dryer duct cleaning is also vital in preventing fires. Dryers are a leading appliance in starting house fires because so many people neglect to invest in the necessary dryer duct cleaning services. This puts not only your home, but also your family and yourself, at serious risk of harm. The accumulation of lint and dust, combined with the overheating of the machine, makes it super easy for fires to start, and proper dryer duct cleaning is the only way to prevent tragedies from occurring in your home. Cleaning your dryer duct is the necessary and responsible choice that you have to make for the protection of your house and family.

Looking for a personalized service that can help you make your home or business more environmentally responsible, health-and-safety compliant, and adapted to the rapidly changing industry guidelines and regulations? AirTek Indoor Air Solutions, a company that follows NADCA’s Dryer Duct Exhaust Performance to test the performance of a dryer exhaust duct system after servicing to provide a quantifiable testing method for performance validation, is a leader in addressing any dryer duct and vent cleaning will be able to take care of your property or facility needs.

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Food For The Frontlines

We moved over to the next stop in our efforts of giving back to those unsung heroes, the frontline responders that have been continually striving to keep us safe.

Once more our teams selflessly provided food to those on the frontlines who have risked so much during these unprecedented times. As a company we acknowledge their continued fight against the deadly silent enemy, Covid-19. Our employees distributed over 120 meals, beverages as well as goodie bags to deserving nurses and medical staff and St. Josephs Hospital in Orange County, California.


I wanted to take a second to say how much I appreciate, Alliance Environmental and the great work they do, in my years in the restoration field I have never seen the type of detail you guys have, with the work done, you can practically eat of the floor. I want to give a shout out to Andrew Grabhorn, who is always friendly, professional and highly communicative, via phone, text or emails with my customer and I. Exceptional people period. Thank you, Jack

Jack M.