Bed bugs have been less prominent in the news lately, but it’s not because they are out of our hair.  Or our beds, or hotel rooms or offices or libraries!

The National Pest Management Association survey indicates that the bed bug problems faced all over the US has not abated in the past year.

Bed bug control professionals, including Alliance Environmental Group, reported that 99 percent of them had encountered bed bug infestations in the past year, up from only 11 percent 10 years ago.  They are also finding infestations in many more public places, rather than homes and condominiums.
These professionals have treated infestations in:  hotels and motels, college dorms, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, office buildings, hospitals, schools, movie theaters and vehicles (trains, buses and taxis).  In all locations, reports of bed bug infestations have increased in double digit percentages since 2010.

Pest control pros also report that they find bed bugs to be the hardest pest to eradicate, more difficult than roaches, termites or ants.

Although there has been a lot of growth in the use of bug-sniffing dogs to evaluate a location for bed bugs, visual inspection is still more reliable, according to the survey.

Regardless of the difficulty of ridding yourself of these annoying pests, 25% of people are still using DIY methods to try to wipe them out.  This number has gone down from 38% but as we have discussed in this column, treating bed bugs yourself can be downright dangerous.

If you think or know you have a bed bug infestation, remain calm and call in a professional.  Alliance Environmental Group is here to help!  We can treat an entire building, a room, or even do a spot treatment with Thermapure(tm) Heat, which leaves your structure free of pesticide residue and able to be reinhabited immediately after treatment.

And remember you are not alone!  If you need some support from others going through the same experience, visit the Yahoo Groups Bed Bug Forum or the Forum and you will find sympathetic and helpful ears.

Wendy Stackhouse is the Online Community Manager for Alliance Environmental Group.  She welcomes any questions and comments!  Visit us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter for breaking news about bed bugs and other environmental issues!