Asbestos Released in Demolition Leads to Fines and Corrections

A $300,000 restitution judgment and four years of community corrections result from a Colorado homeowner’s decision to hire untrained workers to demolish his house, releasing loose asbestos into the air. It is also suspected that he reused some of the asbestos-contaminated materials after the demolition.

In California, as in Colorado, it is illegal to allow asbestos fibers to enter the environment and property owners must use licensed contractors to do these jobs or risk fines and other penalties, not to mention disease for themselves, their families and their neighbors. Any demolition where asbestos is present must be done by professionals who know and comply with all safety rules and regulations for the demolition, removal and disposal of this dangerous material.

Asbestos Found at California State University, Northridge Campus

Several buildings at the CSUN have tested positively for asbestos, causing the administration to issue health warnings to all staff and students. Materials such as putty, pipe insulation, weather stripping, water pipes, and floor and ceiling tiles were found to be still in use in campus buildings.

These materials are not thought to be an immediate health threat, but we all know that asbestos is unsafe in any location. Students and staff have been cautioned against drilling holes or hanging objects from walls or ceilings, but the issue will definitely have to be addressed by having a licensed team in to remove the asbestos safely in the near future.


Asbestos Found in Two Water Pumping Plants Near Bakersfield, CA

Although plant owners reassure the public there was never any danger to water safety, two plants in the last month have tested positive for asbestos, causing speculation on not only water safety but the safety of workers at the plant as well.

The Chrisman and Wheeler Ridge pumping plants were those found to be contaminated. The Buena Vista plant is now being tested. The asbestos has already begun to be cleaned up at the other two plants.

As I said, there is always news about asbestos—after all, the US is importing more asbestos than ever. But since there is no safe level of exposure, awareness of what products can contain asbestos and what to do if you find asbestos is all important. We at Alliance Environmental Group are committed to providing information as well as asbestos abatement services in California.

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Someday, asbestos will be a thing of the past, but today we must raise our awareness so that no one is exposed today only to get sick tomorrow.

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