If you had opened a newspaper in Australia in the 1960’s, you probably would have seen an ad for asbestos insulation right next to a department store sale or discount coupon.

Today Asbestosfluf is ironically known as “Mr. Fluffy” and may be the cause of thousands of home demolitions in the near future.

Why is loose asbestos insulation more dangerous than other forms of asbestos?

Mr. Fluffy was made from an asbestos called Amosite (named after the South African company which mined it): “This is known as brown asbestos, and it originates mostly in Africa. It was used most frequently in cement sheet and pipe insulation. It can be found in insulating board (which contained up to 40 percent asbestos), ceiling tiles and in thermal insulation products. Like the other forms of amphibole asbestos, it has needle-like fibers.” Asbestos.com

Loose asbestos fluff is particularly dangerous because it has no “binder” material to keep the fibers together, so it spreads from where it has been sprayed into other parts of the house–the parts where people are living. “The issue with the Mr Fluffy product is that because it’s so loose it was able to migrate into corners of houses and could sit on top of cabling, water pipes, it works its way into the subfloor, and still sits in cracks even when it’s been vacuumed out.” Peter Tighe in The Guardian

Was Mr. Fluffy Asbestos Insulation used in the US?

Lucky for us, Asbestosfluf was a one-man operation in Australia and never made it over to the United States. However, spray insulation used in the US until 1990 often had asbestos as an ingredient. We have our own continuing problems with asbestos building and decorating materials in older buildings.

What do I do if I have Asbestos Insulation?

Do not disturb any asbestos material or try to remove it yourself. Even one fiber of asbestos entering your lungs can cause serious illness, even death, years or decades after exposure. It is very important not to touch asbestos without proper training, protection and procedures. Call a professional asbestos removal company like Alliance Environmental Group right away. Our highly trained teams can remove and dispose of any asbestos-containing material–including asbestos insulation–safely and quickly.

Whether you are dealing with Mr. Fluffy asbestos insulation, asbestos floor tile or asbestos pipe insulation, it is much better to be safe than sorry. Call Alliance!