Between 600 and 800 bags of waste labeled to be containing asbestos were discovered by State authorities March 1, 2012 at an illegal waste transport facility located directly behin an athletic field at Mountain View High School in El Monte, California.

Although the air has been tested to be asbestos-free, since any amount of contamination is unsafe, there are strict regulations on asbestos removal, transport and storage as well a safe practices for those who work to remove this dangerous material. No hazardous waste of any kind can be stored within 500 feet of a school in California. The fine for doing so is $25,000 per day of operation and the illegal transport facility had been open since September of 2011.

No one has reported any health effects and the State and school authorities are confident that no asbestos was released into the environment, but since the health effects of asbestor exposure can take decades to present themselves, there is still cause for concern.

Today’s economy is tough for everyone and we are all looking for good deals on products and services. However, cutting corners with dangerous environmental contaminants is not acceptable. There are illegal facilities and operators to be found, but the risk one takes by hiring them to take care of literally deadly waste products is not worth the cost savings.

If you have asbestos materials that needs to be removed and disposed of with all safety precautions and attention to government regulations, you need to hire a professionalAllliance Environmental Group offers Asbestos Abatement services, from safe removal or demolition through lawful disposal of all materials. Asbestos can be found in such diverse building materials as: vinyl asbestos tile, linoleum, vinyl sheet goods, transite pipe, transite siding, transite roofing, duct work, stucco, texturecoat, drywall, acoustic ceiling, popcorn ceiling, plaster, lath and plaster, buttonboard, fireproofing, mastic, pipe covering, mag piping, mag block, and others. Yikes!

Asbestos can become exposed during remodeling, renovation and because of damage from natural disasters and once it is exposed, it needs to be removed. Contact Alliance if you need asbestos abatement services anywhere in California including Orange County! We are your best ally as a qualified, licensed, asbestos abatement contractor.

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