It is very interesting to read all the articles about bed bugs. Tips on how to get rid of them and how not to bring them back with you when you are on vacation. However, will we ever be able to get rid of this modern plague.According to a 2010 survey from the University of Kentucky and the National Pest Management Association found that 95% of US pest control companies had treated a bed bug infestation in the previous year, up from 25% a decade before, and 11% before that. These bugs may be the toughest bug to control than other insects. Since bed bugs are found usually inside bed rooms, products need to be made so that they do not harm individuals.

More and more scientists are are studying the biology of bed bugs in order to find a way to get rid of them permanently. One way to get rid of bed bugs that Alliance Environmental Group Inc uses, is heat. “Team Heat” at Alliance specializes in removing bed bugs by using a heating process. This process is successful because it is environmentally friendly, it’s odorless and can be used to localize spot treatment. When this process is complete, it is always best to create public awareness of bed bugs. The combined efforts of checking luggage while traveling, inspecting the area where one sleeps and washing clothes in hot water can help increase this modern plague. If your building structure or home is ever in need of getting rid of bed bugs, Alliance Environmental may be of assistance. To learn more about these bed bugs, below is an informative video on this plague.