“The Doctors” did a short update on their talk about bed bugs this week and reminded us that bed bugs are not disease vectors, but they are still “nasty!”

We agree!


Bed bugs, unlike mosquitos, do not carry diseases, but their bites can get infected, especially if scratched. But it is harder to get rid of bed bugs than to repel mosquitos. You can try pesticides and home remedies, but they do not reach all eggs and bed bugs in tight places. You can easily have a reinfestation very quickly. The “herbal” sprays you see on TV only kill bed bugs on direct contact and do not reach those which are hiding in places the spray cannot reach.

The best remedy for a bed bug infestation is heat. High temperatures kill bed bugs at all stages of development–including eggs–and reach into furniture and walls to ensure complete eradication with no chance of reinfestation. Other benefits include no chemical pesticides or residue to damage your health, no need to move out for days and incur the expense of staying elsewhere, no bagging of food or laundering of textile materials in your home. One day of heat treatment and your bed bug problem is over!

If you have bed bugs in California, contact Alliance Environmental Group for help. Bed bugs pose no physical danger, but the anxiety they create can be detrimental to your health. Don’t live with bed bugs any longer than you have already!

We’ve been blogging about bed bugs a lot this week, but next week is Global Asbestos Awareness Week so watch for more information about asbestos!