You thought maybe cold weather prevented bed bugs from moving in? Not so in Alaska

Bed Bugs Calling Alaska Home

Canada, too. The City of Hamilton, Ontario has decided to hire a $100,000 a year Bed Bug Navigator who will help residents with bed bug issues.

Bed bugs like warm climates, too. An employee of the Days Inn in Corpus Christi, Texas has had enough of the pests after encountering them so many times in her first month of work.

Boston, Massachusetts thinks they are winning the war against bed bugs. We hope they are right!

Bed Bugs reappeared on the pages of the New York Times recently in a letter to the Real Estate Section. The tenants are considering heat treatment and we hope they decide to do it!

I spent last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee near the Grand Ole Opry and had a wonderful time, but I did most certainly inspect my hotel room before I unpacked! Don’t forget that any hotel–budget or luxury–can have bed bugs. It’s up to you to be proactive!