Bed bugs don’t discriminate–they can be found anywhere there is upholstery for them to hide in! We have read many stories about librariesschools, offices, television studios and even furniture stores. Today’s story is about a movie theater in Norfolk, Virginia.

We hope they used heat to treat that movie theater for bed bugs, but it sounds more like they used pesticides so their problem may very well come back. Or if the bed bugs are also in another theater, they will eventually travel back to the one that was treated–the call of the carbon dioxide will be too strong!

Heat treatment works very well to eradicate bed bugs in residences, and it is just as effective in commercial settings. Heat also has the advantage of not damaging the chairs and other equipment in a facility like a movie theater or office.

A pest control company that is licensed to use ThermaPureHeat can wipe out all bed bugs and their eggs in one treatment, leaving no chance of reinfestation and with the minimum loss of revenue. If your business has a bed bug problem, you want it taken care of as quickly as possible and heat treatment makes that happen.

If you have a bed bug challenge in California, home or business, call Alliance for a consultation and use ThermaPureHeat to put your–and your customers’–minds at rest!