Pollen and grass mowing season have passed and you may have even had a hard frost where you live, but for some sensitive folks, allergy season is just beginning.

In most of California, snow is a rare event (our photo today is of the first snowstorm in Burbank in 50 years last winter) but contrary to the classic song, it does indeed rain in California and it rains a lot, mostly in the winter. For days. On end. Really hard.

And when the sun comes out again, as it always does–thank goodness!–the mold spores are not far behind. All it takes for mold to grow is moisture and oxygen. New York-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital’s Director of Allergy and Immunology Dr. Rachel Miller warns us that the Christmas trees and holiday garlands can bring mold into your home. “It is especially important to make sure that Christmas trees and holiday decorations are mold-free.” Here are some tips from the good doctor:

  • Spray your live tree and garlands with a hose outside before bringing them in the house to remove any mold or spores that might be present.
  • Use a dehumidifier during the wet season to keep your indoor air from getting damp enough to encourage mold growth. And empty the water frequently.
  • Inspect your home inside and out once a month for any mold that might be forming, like on woodpiles or in a damp basement corner.
If you have a problem with mold in your home or other building, Alliance Environmental Group can help. We offer services for mold removal and remediation as well as structural drying and pasteurization so you can get a fresh, clean start this winter. Contact us for help anywhere in California before the rains really get started!

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