More and more people are being aware of asbestos and the dangers that come with being exposed to the material. In a previous blog we talked about bed bugs being in dorms. In addition, we also blogged about ways to inspect dorms in colleges and what areas to look for bed bugs. While doing some research, news about asbestos in colleges were brought to my attention. Many are in shock about students sleeping in bedrooms that contain asbestos. The Guardian, states, “Substance is harmless if undisturbed, but students are not warned that it is present in their rooms.” It is an interesting article and an eye opener because according to the article, at least 17,000 students slept in university bedrooms that contained asbestos last year.

Although, many of these universities are aware of asbestos being present in their school they confirm that any asbestos present in the bedrooms are sealed and completely safe. However, as stated above, if any asbestos is disturbed then the fibers are distributed in the air and if inhaled then that’s when it becomes dangerous. If one dusts, sweeps, or vacuums debris that may contain asbestos can be present in the air. Those steps can disturb the asbestos. Even though asbestos is still used in many areas of a building it can still be present in any college building. According to, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all colleges to:

-Survey their buildings and test for asbestos

-Maintain records of any samples taken during maintenance, construction or demolition activities

-Provide notifications regarding the locations of asbestos in their buildings,

-Post appropriate warning signs where an ACM is identified or suspected

Although, there are regulations and procedures that colleges need to take action upon, students need to be informed if any dorm has asbestos. Contacting a professional has been trained to remove asbestos the proper way and it is not a do it yourself project. Alliance Environmental is a licensed asbestos removal company and meets all OSHA and EPA guidelines. Visit our website to require more information on the asbestos abatement division at Alliance Environmental Group, Inc.

*Below are the effects of inhaling and being expose to asbestos