We are still in Havana today with the California Association of Community Managers, but while we are away, news continues to be made!


You’ve probably been reading about the terrible weather and brush fires in Australia over the holidays, but these natural disasters bring an additional risk: asbestos exposure.

Paterson, New Jersey workers may have been exposed to asbestos on the job. Workers received no training in handling asbestos-containing materials over a two-month renovation project. Oops!

Bed Bugs:

Last week we learned that Chicago was 2012’s #1 bed bug infested city, but bed bugs are everywhere, especially in public housing.

Science Daily asks the all-important question: “Are You Alive?” Because if you are you are a Bed Bug Magnet!


We continue to write often about the Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting rules. The EPA is tackling the dangers of disturbing lead paint in 2013.

We have been fighting the flu this week and sincerely hope that you cannot say the same or that you are, like us, on the road to recovery. Have a wonderful weekend!

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