Daily we hear about mold not only found in homes but in public areas. Mold is affecting the public. We recently saw in the news, that a San Francisco fire station had to be evacuated because mold was found. Several of the fire fighters had to be evacuated because the mold has to be abate it. Mold was found through out the building where the fire fighters live. There might have been some water leaking through the windows and roof and that might have been why mold began to grow. It is unhealthy and not safe for these men to live in a situation where their health can be jeopardize.

Many public schools also have cases of mold problems. A school in Illinois is going through a difficult time because mold and water issues have arise causing the bill to be almost $2.4 million dollars. Mold in schools is a huge issue because not only are the students and staff affected but parents and a community as a whole. Most “Sick Buildings” and that may include schools and other public buildings have shown that they have a mold problem. All mold can be considered allergenic and can cause an allergic reaction to those who are inside these buildings daily. What can management and building owners do to help those who can be affected by a mold problem? According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, there are several actions that managers and building owners can take to help those who may have been exposed to mold and are listed below:

  • Log all complaints or problem reports.
  • Collect information about each complaint.
  • Ensure confidentiality.
  • Determine a plan for response.
  • Identify appropriate resources for response.
  • Apply remedial action.
  • Provide feedback to building occupants regarding the complaint and response actions.
  • Follow-up to ensure that remedial action has been effective.

It is important to take these first steps to understand the health effects that mold can cause to someone. In addition, also understanding that mold is a serious issue and can cause property damage. At Alliance Environmental, we understand these problems and are advocates for establishing comfortable and healthier environments for occupants. Our environmental division specializes in mold removal and use of certain technology to remove mold. Visit our website and like our Facebook Community Page to learn more about our environmental division.