Did you get a tablet computer or a smartphone for a holiday gift? You have something in common with millions of Americans!

If not, maybe you are using a device at work or school that has been used by a co-worker or fellow student before you received it.

Unfortunately, the devices and the bags we carry them in can be safe havens for hitchhikers we would all rather avoid: bed bugs.

More and more school districts are providing tablet computers to students, many of them as substitutes for printed textbooks. After the end of a semester or course, these devices are reclaimed, tested, cleaned and stored for later use. The personnel doing the cleaning and testing are finding that they are also finding bed bugs in the devices and their cases.

We are all used to (and enjoy) getting hand-me-downs, especially electronics. After all, they are new to us! But along with inspecting previously-owned clothing for stains and wear, we should be inspecting our new devices and their cases for damage, maintenance needs and infestations. A moment of forethought can add a lot of value to that hand-me-down!

If you do find a bed bug has made its way into your home, don’t panic! Heat will kill any bed bugs and eggs with one treatment, without damaging your expensive electronics or leaving any chemical pesticide residue to clean up or damage your health later. Don’t let bed bugs drive you crazy! Call Alliance Environmental Group for help right away!