Air duct cleaning, San Diego

Californians are certainly no strangers to smog and pollution. But, did you know that the air inside of your California home is frequently more polluted than the air outside? This is because heating and air-conditioning ducts can often be filled with mold, mildew, pollen, dust, and other pollutants. Luckily, the air quality in your house can be greatly improved through air duct cleaning and environmental remediation. San Diego and other California dwellers depend on the Alliance Environmental Group for quick, effective, high quality air duct cleaning. San Diego to Sacramento and everywhere in between, Alliance is making home-owners breathe easier.

Air duct cleaning advantages

Creating a safer, healthier home environment for your family is certainly the most important reason to clean your air ducts. However, it is certainly not the only reason. There are many air duct cleaning advantages. For instance, did you know that air duct contamination can actually increase energy consumption? With cleaner air ducts, you will not waste energy. In addition, your energy bills will be lower. To read more about air duct cleaning advantages and environmental monitoring, we invite you to browse through the info here on our Website.

Removing lead based paint

Undoubtedly, you have heard a lot in the news lately about lead paint. Recently, some children’s toys made in China have been found to contain lead paint. Of course, removing this danger from your home is easy: you just get rid of the toy. However, removing lead based paint from surfaces in your home is not so easy. To get rid of this threat to your family’s health, you need an expert. At Alliance, we are highly experienced at removing lead based paint from homes. Why not contact us today?