If you haven’t taken a look around our new website yet, I thought I would give you some of the highlights!

Our Menus are clear and easy to navigate:

And of course–our Blog!

If you click on any of those menu items, you have easy access to all of the services we offer including:

  • Environmental–Asbestos, Mold and Lead remediation and removal
  • Demolition–Hard, Soft, Heavy and Site Clearing services
  • AirTek–Our Indoor Air Division now has its own section on the site for Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning and Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning
  • Team Heat–ThermaPureHeat services for Bed Bugs, Termites, Roaches, Structural Pasteurization, Construction Drying, and other challenging situations. Read more on the blog about ThermaPureHeat…
  • Trauma–Suicide and Crime Scenes, Meth Labs, Hazardous Waste and Hoarding, we do it all!

You will also notice that we now have a Live Chat window and you can talk to an environmental specialist about your project any time! We are here to serve you!

If you don’t yet Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter (or you are not active on social media) you can see our latest Facebook posts on the right and our Tweets on the left on every page. We would love it if you joined us on social media, though, and we’ve made it easy in the upper right with links to our page and feed!

We hope you enjoy our new website and that it provides you with even more value in the future! Bookmark our blog or add us to your RSS feeds for updates and news about mold, lead, asbestos, indoor air quality, allergies, energy efficiency, and everything that relates to our many services. Welcome to our new website!

Wendy Stackhouse is the Online Community Manager for Alliance Environmental Group and AirTek Indoor Air Solutions. She welcomes your comments! For more news and tips or to ask questions of our experts, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! For updates on indoor air challenges, Like us at AirTek on Facebook!