We found out some more information about that asbestos scare in Washington, DC this week and we thought you might like an update. The Capitol Building has been reopened for work and tourists, but the staircase that was affected will remain closed.

News reports kept referring to the problem as an “industrial spill,” for some reason. What happened was similar to what happens to many old buildings–asbestos material may have been released during renovations and precautions had to be taken to ensure that no one breathed in any asbestos fibers.

CBS reports:

“The architect’s office has been repairing decaying plaster throughout the building. It has also started preparations for a project to repair the 8.9 million pound, cast iron dome.”

The Capital Dome was constructed 150 years ago and has not undergone a complete restoration since 1959-60. The two-year restoration project will begin this November and cost $60 million.

In 1959, of course, asbestos was still being used in construction and this is probably not the only time it will be exposed during the restoration. But we do hope that it is the only time a hazardous materials team has to come in and the building has to be evacuated due to asbestos.

If your vintage building is undergoing renovations, you, too, might encounter some asbestos. Do what they did in Washington–call a professional! Don’t try to remove it yourself or expose it any further than you have. Even one encounter with asbestos fibers is dangerous to your health. Alliance Environmental Group has decades of experience in safe asbestos removal and disposal.

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