We published a new video recently and thought you would like to take a look!

Here you can watch the process of Asbestos Duct Removal, including the safety precautions Alliance takes to protect the rest of your environment from being contaminated with asbestos fibers.

As you can see, Alliance is both professional and safety-conscious. We follow all best work practices and dispose of any asbestos containing materials appropriately.

Alliance also removes:

Asbestos ceiling tiles and asbestos floor tiles

Asbestos insulation

Asbestos popcorn ceiling

And any other asbestos materials you might come across during a construction or renovation project. Remember–no matter where you find it, removing asbestos is NOT a DIY project! There is no safe level of exposure to asbestos and it can take years or even decades to cause serious, perhaps even deadly, health problems.

If you need asbestos ducts removed from your home or other building anywhere in California, please contact Alliance!

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