Watch for our logo and see how ThermaPureHeat works!

Heat treatment for bed bugs might sound expensive there at the end, but remember:

It only takes one treatment to eliminate all bed bugs, no matter their stage of life!
No harsh chemicals enter your home.
There is no need to bag food or wash linens for safety.
You can re-enter the home immediately after treatment.

Many people spend thousands of dollars on pesticide treatments, only to have their bed bugs return and begin feeding again.  It’s much more expensive to treat your home over and over, not to mention the peace of mind you get from knowing absolutely that all bed bugs are dead, dead, dead!

Alliance Environmental Group provides ThermaPureHeat (featured in this story) all over California from our offices in Azusa, Moorpark, Santa Clara, Aptos, San Diego, Palm Desert, and in January of 2012, Anaheim!  If you suspect or know that you have a bed bug infestation, contact us right away and eliminate all bed bug problems in one treatment for a relaxing and itch-free holiday season!

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