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This blog post comes with a warning. This video from NOVA is…graphic. In a way. They are cartoon bed bugs. But they are interacting in a rather intimate way.

This is a funny video about Bed Bug Sex.

Now, we know you don’t want to think about bed bugs at all, let alone their sex lives. But one female bed bug can lay as many as 1000 eggs in her short lifetime and those eggs are being fertilized somehow, right? Do you want to know how? Here you go!

If you think bed bugs are carrying on irresponsibly in your home, we can help! We can’t teach bed bugs to prevent pregnancy, unfortunately, but we can rid your home of breeding adults, nymphs and eggs thoroughly and permanently. Using high temperatures, Alliance kills bed bugs at every stage of development where you can see them and where you can’t–in the cracks and crevices where viable eggs can lurk. No other method of bed bug eradication can achieve what we can achieve in only one treatment. If you have bed bugs in California, call Alliance and our team will have your home bed bug free ASAP!

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