I can’t quite figure out why they keep saying “get a jump on” bed bugs when bed bugs don’t jump!  Are they confusing them with fleas?  Bed bugs are creepy enough without jumping!

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You can increase your chances of avoiding a bed bug infestation by following some simple guidelines:

* Check any new or used furniture for signs of bedbugs outside before you move it into the house.
* Prevent bringing bed bugs home from trips by inspecting your hotel room before you unpack or put your luggage on the floor.
* Launder the clothes you took on a trip, even if you didn’t wear them—don’t put them straight back in the closet.

If you discover that you have a bed bug infestation in San Diego, or anywhere in California, we recommend you call in a pest control professional to deal with the problem.  DIY solutions, especially pesticides, are often unsuccessful and can be dangerous unless used exactly as directed.  Many people overuse insecticides because they are so psychologically traumatized by the idea of bed bugs.  Serious health problems have been reported and one pesticide related death in the last two years.

Alliance Environmental Group has offices all over California which use ThermaPureHeat to kill bed bugs at all stages of development in one treatment.  Eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs are eradicated without the need for dangerous insectides, bagging of food, huge loads of laundry or moving out to wait for the chemicals to dissipate.  There is no residue or necessity to repeat the treatment after eggs hatch.

ThermaPureHeat raises the indoor temperature of your home, condo, apartment or even commercial building over 130 degrees for 2-3 hours, killing any pest inside including eggs.

Contact Alliance for help with killing bed bugs, even if you are catching them early.  We can treat an area, a room or an entire structure!

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