Although foreclosure rates are slowly going down, California remains the US state with the second highest foreclosure rate in the nation.  From Sacramento to San Diego, properties are standing empty, waiting for new tenants or owners to move in and fix them up.  While they are empty, however, damage can occur and be left to get worse and worse.  A leak can lead to mold as quickly as 24 hours, according to this video.

There are also dangers from exposed asbestos, lead paint chipping off or entering the indoor air as lead dust.

When a property is closed up for a long time, contaminants build up in the indoor air and have nowhere to go.  Vapors like formaldehyde coming from building materials, paint, carpets and pressed wood cabinets lingers and becomes concentrated when there is no ventilation.  Pollution from the outside air can also enter the property and stay inside, like car exhaust from a garage or a busy street or highway nearby.  Watch this informative video from the IAQA, of which Alliance Environmental Group and our indoor air division, AIRTEK, are members:

There is a small (very) upside to so many foreclosures—there are some great deals to be had out there on foreclosed homes and condos.  If a property you have purchased is in need of mold remediationremoval of lead based products, asbestos abatement, pest control, a thorough cleaning of your ventilation system or even cleaning by teams trained to take care of hazardous materials, please contact Alliance Environmental Group.  Our professional staff can take care of all of these issues and many more!

We sincerely hope that the economy is improving for you and your family and that you never have to deal with a home foreclosure.

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