I don’t know about you, but without coffee in the morning, I’m no good at all! But although I like lots of half-and-half in my coffee, I would prefer to have it without bed bugs!

Late last month, the first reported case of bed bugs in a restaurant was reported on ABC TV in the South Bay. The Santa Clara County Health Department received an anonymous report of bed bugs in a Starbucks and confirmed that a specimen was indeed a bed bug.

Starbucks brought in pest control professionals, as they should have, but we hope they used heat to treat the infestation. We would hate to think about all that food being contaminated by pesticides and the level of cleaning they would have to do in a restaurant after use of chemicals! Heat treatment would kill any bugs–even roaches–in a restaurant setting without leaving any pesticide residue behind and with fewer business hours lost to treatment and cleanup.

Here is the news story from ABC-7:


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