Arizona State University is currently holding its fourth annual Ugly Bug Contest and the winner at the moment is the Flower Beetle!  The Flower Beetle?!?  No way!

They are expecting over 35,000 votes in the contest this year’s western-themed contest, “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugliest Bug Contest.” The insects must compete in all three categories of the title, since the benefits they bring can mitigate their unappealing aesthetics.

Bed bugs are competing against such strong contenders as the Damsel Bug, the Green Lacewing, the Seed Beetle and the Flea Beetle, among others.  I personally don’t see how any bug named a “Lacewing” can be all that ugly but there are electron microscope pictures of all the contestants on their website, so go see for yourself.

A new feature in this year’s contest is the addition of “Six-Legged Recipes” which include information about cultures which commonly eat bugs and some “fun” snacks like “Bug Bars” and “Chocolate Covered Crispies.”

Voting is open until December 15th, so head on over to ASU’s site and let them know that Bed Bugs are the ugliest critters on the list!

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