We wanted to highlight one of our newest team members, Robert McKeever in our Bio/Hazard Cleanup division by conducting an interview.
What are your primary job responsibilities in your new position with Alliance Environmental Group?
RM: I oversee the biohazard division which includes trauma scene cleaning and homes affected with methanphetomine and hoarding clean up.  This involves the following: helping estimators with their bids if it falls in my division, responding to scenes whenever possible and estimating jobs if needed, staying up to date on regulations, and assisting in the acquisition of equipment and supplies that will help us be more efficient and effective.
How are these similar to what you have done in the past? How are they different?
RM: I have been dealing with hoarding and biohazard for many years – so nothing new there. Learning the specific methods in which Alliance handles these are new to me. Additionally, meth affected homes is completely new to me; I like new, it creates a challenge.
What do you look forward to most in your new role at our company?
RM: Furthering my career by creating relationships and providing great customer service. I also look forward to growing with Alliance in creating and becoming the biggest trauma scene cleaners in California.
Why do you enjoy working in the Bio/Hazard industry?
RM: I enjoy the aspect of change everyday. You never know where or when the next call will come in, and I certainly won’t know what happened. I also enjoy the investigation part, I’m interested in people, so I tend to do my own investigations in my head to try and piece the story together. Most of all, I love what I do because I feel like I’m helping people in the worst times of their lives, when they need it the most.
What is the biggest challenge about working in the Bio/Hazard industry?
RM: Some of the obvious is worrying about catching a disease or illness, but we do a great job of protecting ourselves. Other challenges are that no two jobs are alike and I may come across something I have never dealt with before. There is no manual for this job – bottom line is you must remove the red stuff no matter where it flows or what it’s touching.
What is the most difficult aspect to selling the services that Alliance provides?
RM:  As stated before we deal with people when they are dealing with tragedy. It can take some getting used to being able to ask them for money after they just lost a loved one. Ultimately this is a service and we have to charge in order to continue to help other people in need.
We are excited to have you aboard, Robert! Thank you again for your time. Robert can be reached at RobertMcKeever@alliance-enviro.com or (909) 772-9404.