Prevent Water Damage While On Vacation

Although summer is almost over many families are taking vacations and going far away from home. Unfortunately, many problems can happen while on vacation. One of them is water damage in our homes. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the second most common homeowner’s insurance claim is water damage to houses. Leaking pipes, appliances and other potential sources can damage and flood your home. Water can destroy furniture, ruin carpets and compromise the foundation and walls of your home. When water is set and not dried quickly mold can begin to grow. Now do you not only have a water problem but a mold problem. Before leaving to vacation, prep your home and make sure that all areas are cleared out from being exposed to water. Check for any cracks, leaks and inspect the hoses from major appliances. The IAQA Network has preppared a informative video on how to prevent water damage while on vacation.

Once mold grows inside your home it becomes a health risk for yourself and your family. You have the responsibility of controlling mold to create a healthy environment and ensure healthy living conditions.However,you do not have to do it alone. If you have any questions regarding mold, Alliance Environmental Group Inc’s environmental division specializes in mold removal and we can be of assistance. Click here to learn more information on the services we provide.

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