On this 71st anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we salute those who lost their lives on the “date which will live in infamy.”

The survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack and World War II are leaving us pretty quickly nowadays, some of them from asbestos-related illness, especially mesothelioma–the cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

The Navy was aware of the dangers of asbestos exposure as early as 1939 when the Surgeon General of the Navy discussed the “Hazards of Asbestosis” in his annual report.

Navy ships were being built “loaded with asbestos from bow to stern” until the early 1970’s, but those built earlier were till in service for many years after that, causing disease that would not be discovered until years or decades later, often having reached an advance–and basically untreatable–stage.

We would like to spend a moment thinking of all of our veterans, those who gave their all, those who came home injured, and those who are still suffering today. Thank you for your service. If you would like to read more about asbestos use in the US Navy, here is a link to Mesothelioma & Navy Veterans at Asbestos.com.

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