California Demolition Contractor

Demolition Services purpose is to deconstruct part or all of a given structure based on what the plans specify, which could be to completely level a building, or to take down a wing for renovations. Generally speaking, structural demolitions are finished by specialty demolitions companies or construction companies. While most building and home renovation projects can be handled on a Do It Yourself basis, demolition projects are always best left to professionals, as demolitions equipment requires skills and know how to operate.

Demolition services are the required tasks by a construction demolition service whenever a structure needs to be demolished. Alliance operates as a licensed California demolition contractor, with a division dedicated to delivering specialized services for both residential and commercial projects.

Our services extend beyond the actual demolition to the cleanup of the building as well. Construction demolition works much in the same way as other types of demolition services. In order for the construction demolition service team to make sure that a certain site is demolished safely and effectively, the supervisor of the demolition and the workers must all map out the site elements in a careful manner. Some of the steps that are involved in the demolition process by a construction demolition include but are not limited to the following:

  • As a licensed California demolition contractor, Alliance will conduct a thorough review of the structure and its architectural plans.
  • Alliance provides careful and thorough research into structural supports and connections so a plan can be formulated for the rest of the demolition process.
  • As a licensed California demolition contractor, Alliance will tour the area, examining the support structure of the building as thoroughly as possible.
  • According to this analysis, the California demolition contractor will then select the right equipment and the right explosives that will be used depending on what type of construction demolition is best indicated for the project.
  • A three dimensional model of the structure may be designed by the California demolition contractor at this point to make sure that the take down as done as planned. Steel cables may be used to make sure that columns are supported if there are other buildings nearby.
  • Vibration prediction, vibration monitoring, noise monitoring, structural inspections and project photography may follow.  Our specialized demolition division uses leading-edge technology/equipment and methodologies to position itself as one of California’s premier demolition contractors.

Alliance has highly qualified and trained teams with extensive demolition experience, with the latest state-of-the-art demolition equipment to meet your specific needs.

Alliance welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a cost-effective, timely solution for your next project.

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