Structural Pasteurization

We are all familiar with “pasteurization.”  We have developed a new, revolutionary application of this old process.  We can disinfect your home, building or structure by directing dry heat into treatment zones. Our structural pasteurization program targets and kills organisms in flooded buildings, sewage backups, bacterial contaminations, plus in new construction.  This special process kills mold in inaccessible areas, where mold, bacteria and insects breed.

Structural Drying with ThermaPureHEAT® It’s More Than Just Drying!

Why Not “Pasteurize” A Structure?

If Louis Pasteur were alive today, he would probably be recommending “pasteurization” for our structures and buildings in addition to drying.

More Than Just Drying

Wet structures are very conducive to biological contamination.  The structural contamination may be the result of current water issues, prior ones, or both.  Added value from the technology is the improvement of the air you breathe.  Wet buildings will rapidly foster the growth of unwanted contaminants such as mold, bacteria, and insects.  Recent studies indicate that dampness in buildings results in a 40% increase in risk to occupants for health afflictions such as asthma, allergic reactions, and other respiratory problems.

Which Environmental Contaminants Are Managed?

  • Heat Kills Mold
  • Heat Kills Bacteria
  • Heat Kills Viruses
  • Heat Kills Insect Vectors
  • Heat Reduces Odors
  • Heat Reduces VOCs

ThermaPureHEAT® Is Preventive

Drying the building makes it less conducive to mold and bacterial growth. Heat may also reduce annoying and irritating odors.

How Is ThermaPureHEAT® Implemented?

Clean, dry heat, is introduced to the structure or containment and the inside air is slowly raised to a safe “sauna-like temperature”.  To ensure that the temperature of 140-170ºF is maintained for rapid drying and is lethal to target organisms, ALLIANCE ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP uses state-of-the-art digital thermometers monitor inside ambient and surface temperatures. This heating process rapidly dries the structure and kills inaccessible mold, bacteria and insects for a higher level of cleanliness.

It’s Just Heat!

Since no toxic chemicals are used, ALLIANCE ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP technicians can enter and monitor the treated area, and there are no harmful residues to contaminate the air or surfaces.  It’s just heat.