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Asbestos Removal

Licensed asbestos removal teams with extensive experience in properly containing the asbestos, complete decontamination of the site and lawful disposal of the contaminated materials.

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Mold Remediation

As an alternative to chemicals and in compliance with all state and federal laws, our team uses ThermaPureHeat® to eliminate mold, fungus, mildew, odors and viruses.

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Lead Paint Removal

Our experts are trained and follow all OSHA and Department of Transportation guidelines to ensure the safe removal and lawful disposal of lead paint.

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Heavy Demolition

All phases of structure removal.

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Hard Demolition

All phases of concrete demolition and removal.

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Alliance's Crew Member with Proper Respiratory Gear and Goggles Carefully Removes a Ceiling
Soft Demolition

Partial or complete structure demolition. Selective interior or exterior demolition. Total building interior strip-outs.

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Plastic Bag Holding Debris and Waste from a Site Clearing Job
Site Clearing

Our crews are trained in all local, state and federal regulatory rules, and use OSHA-approved procedures and EPA guidelines to obtain post-job Certificate of Fitness. We specialize in the removal of contaminated soil and comingled materials.

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Some Metal Air Ducts
Air Duct Cleaning

Our proprietary quality control system and the use of advanced technology ensures that your air duct system is thoroughly hygienic.

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Inside a Dryer with Laundry
Dryer Vent Cleaning

We follow the NADCA’s Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance (DEDP) Standard to test the performance of the dryer exhaust duct system after servicing to provide a quantifiable testing method for performance validation.

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Bunch of Kitchen Strainers Hanging from the Kitchen Exhaust
Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning done in compliance with IKECA and NADCA standards to prevent fire, improve ventilation, keep insurance premiums low, and stay within health codes.

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Crew Member Power Washing a Boardwalk in Front of a Windowed Wall
Power Washing

Green, environmentally-safe power washing system cleans, restores, and maintains your structure, including interiors, exteriors, parking garages/lots, concrete surfaces and more.

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Infectious Control Specialist
Infection Control

We work closely with facility management to develop control and safety strategies, along with an infection control risk assessment from which to construct a project management plan.

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A Green Sofa in a Pasteurized Living Room
Structural Pasteurization

Using ThermaPureHeat® treatment and Thermal Remediation® to eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses, insect vectors, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Close Up View of a Termite On a White Background
Drywood Termites

We introduce a clean, dry heat into the structure, gradually increasing and maintaining the temperature to ensure a complete kill.

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Close Up View of a Bed Bug on a Brown Background
Bed Bugs + Mites

Same day, chemical-free solution that complies with all OSHA and environmental laws and guidelines to ensure the safe and effective eradication of bed bugs.

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Yellow Police Tape Blocking Off an Area
Trauma Cleanup

We maintain a Trauma Scene Practitioners License, as required by the State of California, and provide documentation of proper biohazardous waste disposal in compliance with Department of Health Services, OSHA and existing regulatory agencies.

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Example of Equipment to be Cleaned from a Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup
Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup

Our team is well-versed and trained in all local, state and federal regulatory rules, and uses OSHA-approved procedures and EPA guidelines to obtain post-job Certificate of Fitness.

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Hoarding Cleanup

We bring homes and properties back to a safe and livable condition while being attentive and respectful to the underlying emotional realities of the situation.

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A Guide to Safe and Lawful Asbestos Removal

A quick rundown on the asbestos abatement process as well as the required equipment needed to complete the job safely and within the law. Learn where asbestos can be found in your properties and when it becomes necessary to remove it.
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