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Site Clearing
Some processes are too complicated or dangerous to handle on your own. Work with the site clearing contractors at Alliance Environmental for peace of mind.

Project Site Clearing

Alliance Environmental’s crews specialize in safe site clearing and lawful disposal. Our site clearing services will give you a clean slate so you can move to your project’s next phase. We’ll remove debris, vegetation and contaminants and take them to a legal depository location.

Our Site Clearing Services

When a plot of land suffers too much environmental damage or an unstable structure needs to come down, you’ll need to safely remove debris from the premises. At Alliance Alternative, we offer quick and reliable site clearing services for project managers and landowners along the west coast. Whether you’re tearing down an old building to construct something new, removing an old pool in favor of a beautiful lawn or recouping from a natural disaster, our team of site clearance contractors is available to help on your timeline.

Our experts will check the land for asbestos and lead and perform abatement services if necessary. Then we’ll uncover and remove other hazardous substances before gathering salvageable materials like insulation furnishing, lighting or copper wire. We finish by disposing of or recycling materials according to local and state ordinances and clearing the rest of the site with heavy machinery.

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This company did a pretty good job. The had to demo my bathroom which included removing vanity, toilet, cabinet, shower, tile and sheet rock and asbestos abatement. The only mistake they made was putting my toilet in the garage when it still had some water in it. It leaked over the floor. However, when I brought it to their attention they owned up to it and apologized. That’s the proper way a mistake should be handled. I feel I can work with them again. I was able to get in touch with the lead when I needed to. I recommend them.

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Hear From Our Clients

Natural fires, accidental fires, arson – they all happen, and the aftermath is just as bad. On the western side of the country, fire season usually begins around July. Fires have been popping up in dry areas that saw such a dry winter and a warmer spring. Debris left by those fires is not the easiest to clear out and has a good chance of containing hazardous materials that need special handling and removal.

For the safety of everyone around, professionals should be brought in to handle and dispose of hazardous materials safely and lawfully. Alliance Environmental Group specializes in site clearing and will be there to clean it up. From asbestos and lead abatement to site clearing, Alliance Environmental Group offers multiple services to assist after a fire has ravaged an area

You can count on Alliance Environmental for any small-scale residential cleanup project or massive demolition project. Call our experts to remove and dispose of materials from:

– Fires and natural disasters
– Sidewalks demolitions
– Swimming pools demolitions
– Complete structure demolitions
– Land conversion

Why Alliance Environmental?

The most experienced site clearing contractors can remove dangerous debris safely and quickly. At Alliance Environmental, we have the experience to complete any site clearing job on the west coast. We’ll dispatch a crew from the closest of our 13 locations to clear your space so you can move on to the next phase.

Clients throughout the west coast trust Alliance Environmental for site clearing services. We distinguish ourselves from the competition with:

– Experience: Alliance Alternative has been in business for over 26 years.
– Resources: Our talented crew members use state-of-the-art bulldozers, front-loaders and vacuums to clear sites quickly and safely.
– Qualifications: We maintain membership with the National Demolition Association and the Building Owners & Managers Association.
– Efficiency: Our experience, equipment and proximity allow us to work fast so you can keep your project moving.
– Versatility: We offer a complete list of demolition services in addition to our site clearing offerings.

Asbestos Demolition

Site Clearing

Alliance can coordinate and handle site clearing services for any project, including the removal and disposal of hazardous materials.

Our crews adhere to all standards set for the by NADCA and we are proud members of the National Demolition Association and the Building Owners & Managers Association.

We can remove and clear:

– Fire debris
– Concrete foundations
– Sidewalks
– Swimming pools
– Entire structure
– Contaminated soil (lead, petroleum, hard metals, etc.)
– Debris piles
– Comingled materials

Site clearing services include:

– Removal of trees, brush, dirt, debris and other unwanted materials as needed
– Salvaging of items like copper wire, insulations, furnishings and lighting
– Removal of glass prior to demolition process
– Recycling of construction debris in compliance with state and local recycling ordinances

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Alliance Environmental is one of the west coast’s premier demolition and fire debris removal companies. Our crews are ready to remove and dispose of the materials standing between you and a finished project. To request services from the demolition and fire cleanup company Los Angeles and other west coast cities trust, request a quote from Alliance Environmental today!


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