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Asbestos Total Loss Inventory jobs
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Asbestos Total Loss Inventories

When a commercial or residential building containing asbestos is damaged (due to a natural disaster, tree fall, vehicle collision, fire and flood, etc.), disturbed airborne asbestos creates a hazardous environment, preventing owners and insurance adjusters from entering the site to complete an inventory.

Our technicians are certified to work in Asbestos Total Loss environments, allowing them to enter these hazardous sites and perform detailed inventories.

Why trust Alliance with Asbestos Total Loss inventories?

• Quality service: We know that losing personal belongings can be incredibly stressful and difficult for property owners. Our service-minded technicians handle every job with respect and consideration.

• Seamless process: Alliance can handle both the structure and contents at asbestos sites, for a faster, smoother experience.

• Reduced cost: Compared to traditional industry practices, Asbestos Total Loss inventorying can save insurance companies and property owners thousands of dollars.

How It Works

When a building has been deemed contaminated, our technicians collect and sort items into salvageable and non-salvageable categories.

Non-salvageable items are carefully documented in a full photo report, then safely disposed of according to all OSHA, EPA, Department of Transportation and county-specific air quality district rules and regulations.

Salvageable items are thoroughly decontaminated before being returned to the property owner.

On all projects, our team:

  • Provides full project management plans.
  • Builds a containment area under negative air pressure.
  • Uses proper engineering controls to stay in regulation with all OSHA, federal and state requirements.

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