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Mold Remediation

Alliance provides a chemical-free, odorless heat treatment to rid facilities of mold, fungus, mildew, odors and viruses.

Our in-house technicians are educated by OSHA authorized trainers on the safe containment, removal and lawful disposal of mold at our Department of Insurance certified on-site training facilities.

In situations where water damage has developed over time, we conduct a visual examination of the building and HVAC system, followed by collecting surface and air samplings for analysis by an independent microbial laboratory if needed. We then develop a remediation plan detailing method, scope, time and controls to be used, based on fungus type and location.

Heat is a viable alternative to chemicals that works to:

  • Kill mold even in inaccessible cracks and voids
  • Kill bacteria that can affect the health of occupants
  • Kill insects that can spread mold in buildings
  • Dry out the affected area
  • Reduce annoying and irritating odors

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This quick guide outlines everything you need to know about handling mold at your property. From treating mold with Heat versus harsh chemicals, as well as a list of equipment that’s used and what to expect with the Heat process.
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