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Fire Damper Testing and Repair
Of all the components that make up a fire protection system, fire dampers are the most difficult to maintain. We can help!

Fire Damper Testing and Repair

Protecting your building is an ongoing effort, and it’s vital to verify every protection system’s efficacy and promptly repair malfunctioning mechanisms. Of all the components that make up a fire protection system, fire dampers are the most difficult to maintain. However, fire dampers are also critical safety features for hospitals or medical care facilities. These unseen mechanisms inside the air ducts and HVAC systems close when a room’s temperature reaches 165°F or higher — a sure sign of a fire. Fully functioning dampers prevent fires from spreading.

Whether you maintain a small practice or a large-scale hospital, the experts at Alliance Environmental can inspect and repair your fire dampers. Our technicians know the inner workings of fire dampeners and how to ensure their peak performance. Get in touch for services from one of the west coast’s top fire damper inspection companies.

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Due to a recent leak in my home, I had the pleasure of working with Ryan from Alliance Environmental on removing asbestos. Ryan was very communicative with coordinating the timeline with me. The work area was nicely set up and isolated so I felt safe being in close proximity. Removal of the setup was very clean and no waste was left behind. I’m very happy with Alliance Environmental’s professionalism and work quality, I’d recommend them to anyone!

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Our Fire Damper Testing and Repair Services

At Alliance Environmental, we have over two decades of experience inspecting and repairing fire dampers. We’ll monitor your fire damper’s performance, diagnose problems, provide timely solutions and complete detailed reports of our work. We’ll also establish a containment area to prevent dust from spreading and expedite our cleanup process.

Fire Damper Testing

Testing your fire damper is important in preventing flames from spreading through your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), dampers require inspection a year after installation and every four subsequent years. Inpatient hospital dampers require inspection every six years. A damper’s installation and performance must meet International Building and Fire Code (IBC) and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards.

Alliance Environmental’s inspection services will ensure you comply with relevant fire damper regulations by:

– Locating, marking and operating all fire dampers.
– Verifying the damper closes by removing and resetting the fusible link.
– Developing a report that documents damper location and life safety plans, inspection logs, failure explanations and repairs for noncompliant dampers.

Fire Damper Repair

Under NFPA 80 and NFPA 105, inoperable dampers require immediate repair, so call Alliance Environmental for assistance. Our crews can:

– Adjust damper linkage.
– Repair the internal components that enable closure.
– Restore any altered damper tracks that prevent closure.
– Fix broken damper tabs.

Why Alliance Environmental?

Alliance Environmental is a reliable fire damper inspection and repair company. We have more than 25 years of experience, meaning we can diagnose and repair your dampers accurately and quickly. We offer a wide range of indoor air quality services, so you can call us for anything you need.

There are 13 Alliance Environmental locations throughout the west coast, so contact your local branch manager for timely fire damper inspection or repairs.


Certified and Expert Technicians at Your Service

Located within HVAC systems ductwork, these dampers present the spread of fire or smoke to other portions of the building through the HVAC system. Alliance Environmental’s fire damper inspection and recertification services help customers stay in compliance with the necessary codes and standards of the NFPA, JCAHO, and UL for fire and smoke dampers.

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We Perform These Step-by-Step Processes:

– Test every damper
– Collect photo documentation
– Clean duct and louvers
– Replace fusible links
– Label ceiling grid and duct
– Compile a comprehensive report

Damper Repairs

– Cut access in the duct and through drywall
– Replace motor
– Retest and report


– Complete a complimentary firewall survey
– Conduct interactive app reporting
– Create drawings
– Map locations
– Check UL systems

Work With Alliance Environmental

Keeping up with fire damper maintenance will help you prevent fires and avoid costly regulatory violation fees. Alliance Environmental is ready to send crews to your facility for regular fire damper inspection and rapid repairs. We work around the schedule that suits your facility best.

For more on our services, contact us online to speak with a representative or request a quote today!


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