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Bed Bugs + Mites

We use a chemical free, odorless, single-application heat solution that adheres to all OSHA and environmental laws. It’s effective for localized spot treatments as well as for treating entire structures, confined areas and common walls found in multi-dwelling units. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to the harsh chemicals associated with fumigation.

Clearance of projects is available through independent third-party K9 inspector companies that sniff for bed bugs.

Safe. Discrete. Convenient.

  • Trucks and technician uniforms marked discreetly with only 'Team Heat'
  • Single application
  • No tenting, no need to move out
  • Treatment typically completed in 8 hours or less
  • Structures are safe to enter immediately after treatment
  • Thermal blankets used to protect heat sensitive objects such as computers
  • Chemical-free, non-toxic, odorless heat
  • Technicians are on-site and monitoring treatment areas at all times

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Joe McLean Joe McLean Co-founder Jeff McLean Jeff McLean CEO Shaun Murphy Shaun Murphy Executive Vice- President Bill Wood Bill Wood VP of Marketing
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A Team Heat Guide to Bed Bugs

A quick guide to the same-day, chemical free, odorless, single-application heat solution that treats bed bug infestations discreetly while adhering to OSHA and environmental laws.
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