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Drywood Termites

Alliance uses a non-chemical, non-toxic heating process to introduce clean, dry heat into a structure to eliminate drywood termites. Our technicians are on-site for the entire job and gradually increase the temperature of the site to between 140 and 150 degrees and the wood core reaches 120 degrees.

Our technicians then maintain the temperature at or above that level for 1.5 hours to ensure a complete kill. The entire procedure may be completed in as little as 8 hours, but varies from one structure to another depending on factors such as the building’s construction and the weather conditions.

The Associated Press reports:

  • Termites can be hidden for 10 to 12 years before a swarm becomes visible
  • Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termite damage
  • A small colony can devour a linear foot of a 2x4 in five months.

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